General Information

(1.a) Full Leagal Name: Buckhead Ridge Mosquito District

(1.b) Public Purpose: Maintenance of canals, maintenance of horticulture of all dedicated lands, and control of mosquitos.

.(1.c) Boundaries /service area: Please see map below.

(1.d) Services Provided: Canal maintenance and mosquito spraying.

(1.e) Charter / creation document: Resolution 76-23 Board of County Commissioners, of Glades County Florida.

(1.f) Statues under which the special district operates.Section

(9.b) Article Vll of the Florida Constitution and Sections 189.404 (3)(b) and 125.01 (5) of theFlorida Statutes.

(1.g) Date established March 11, 1977 election results based on Resolution 76-23 adopted September 13, 1976

(1.h) Establishing entity(ies) Glades County